Tuesday, August 16, 2016

What to blog, huh?

When I registered Blogger... well it was to blog!
So much excitement on wanting to put words and pictures here. Yeah, it was fun for a short period of 1 week. I get bored easily, that's my problem.

Went back to Facebooking, created some groups just so that I can keep specific posts for own consumption. Somehow people requested to be added in. All my groups are public. They must want something from there.

Anyway... this is gonna be a short write-up. Will try to get lazy self to blog more.
Still thinking of WHAT to blog about. Mmmmm... maybe I should blog about nothing! Let me think.

What say you?

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Izumio drinking water.

Izumio & Super Lutein

All about health and the product that works. After taking this product for more than 2 years... I now can write about it. It has done wonders for me.
The product is coming to Sydney Australia soon!

Izumio and Super Lutein

* Izumio Hydrogen Water
1 Box of Izumio Hydrogen Water has 30 packets of 200 ml of highly concentrated hydrogen water at 2.6 mg/l or 2.6 ppm.
Hydrogen is the smallest atom in the world that can penetrate your cells at a mitochondrial level and has strong anti-oxidant properties, eliminating free radicals within your body at enormous rates.
1. Hydrogen is the smallest atom in the chemical chart making it perfect for accessing the deepest darkest parts of the body (mitochondrial cells) where others cannot reach. Every chromosome, amino acid and protein block in our bodies need Hydrogen to build good quality cells.
2. Hydrogen is required by our bodies for organ function. We get it from the air, from water, from food. But less from food because when cooked, there is hardly any hydrogen left. Hydrogen from the air we breathe dissipates quickly. The body needs Hydrogen in ion form. Water is our best source of it.
3. But now there is Hydrogen water - and Izumio has the HIGHEST Hydrogen levels in the world compared to any other Hydrogen product and the Miracle water from Lourdes, France, etc. It is proven that Hydrogen rich water is essential to building good, healthy cells and is also capable of balancing the pH within the body.
4. Hydrogen is difficult to preserve within the body but without it, cells get weak and deteriorate, then high acidity is produced in your system. Thus Hydrogen has also a pH balancing effect on the body not turning acid into alkaline at all, but balancing the equilibrium of the body whilst flushing out acidic toxins through sweat and urine. In short, normal water has been helping us do this all our lives but Izumio is much, much stronger.
5. Open Wounds - open wounds are acidic. When Hydrogen is applied onto them, it reverses the acidity slightly causing pain to lessen. It does not cure the wound but regenerates the new cells to a point of equilibrium.
6. Back Pain and other Organs Pain - same concept where Hydrogen helps because our bone mass, body organs, muscles, they all need Hydrogen. It helps increase bone density too.
7. Skin - Skin is made out of millions of cells but what ratio of cells do we have, good healthy cells or free radicals? Good cells produce smooth, supple skin. It all comes back to the theory of cellular structures and they all need Hydrogen
8. Cancer - Cancer is the result of too many free radicals in the body. Cells that have lost their electrons and gone around stealing goodness from other cells causing havoc and great imbalance within the body, a war of cells within. Hydrogen will strengthen the good army team and with sufficient Hydrogen, they will win the war.

* Super Lutein  (Vegetable Liquid Capsules)
Super Lutein is essentially the extract of vegetable essence encapsulated in a sealed soft gel capsule completely safe for babies.
It has more than 11 ingredients from top quality Lutein (best in the world) to other carotenoids from tons of fruit and vegetables that one could never eat in a day.
The capsules can be swallowed or chewed and taste like a mixture of fish oil and dark leafy green vegetables.
If the tip of the soft gel cap is snipped off with a scissors, the high potency liquid (vegetable essence) within appears black at first sight but if spread on a white tissue or napkin, will exhibit the colours of the rainbow, essentially the colourful vegetables that we all need in our daily diet. But how many of us are diligent enough to eat all colours of the rainbow and how much can we really eat?
How did Super Lutein come about?
Naturally Plus collaborated with Swiss Pharmaceutical Tillots (that originally started in London, but now owned by the Japanese pharmaceutical group, Zeria Pharmaceuticals) and Aliment Industry in Japan (largest provider of soft gel capsules in the world exporting to the USA). They are made using the highest pharmaceutical standards.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Summer is really summery hot!

It's soooooo..... hot!
32deg C and this was what we had....

Vanilla ice-cream with bananas, sprinkled with Milo.

You just have to try it. So so good and yummy!!!

By the way... had special request to bake another Banana Kaya Cake.

Guess this will be the last as my homemade Kaya is finished. Will think of making more Kaya in the next couple of weeks.
Why think?

Eeerrrrr.... Ingredients are easy but to stand over a stove and non stop stirring for 1hr and 40mins, that's a lot to think about. Gas aint cheap in Australia lah...!

Kaya is Coconut Jam.
My next project is to bake basic bread... Once that's done, I'm going for Butterscotch Bread, Pineapple Bread and Mango Bread!

How's that?
Gotta go... Am watching Oscars live.

Sunday, February 17, 2013


Was bored on the 10th of Feb.... made Char Sui Bao.

And I made it without using yeast.

Yesterday, i made Rawa Thosai with dhall curry.
Rawa Thosai... ready packet and just add water. Alagapal's brand. As for the dhall curry, I made from scratch. Easy peasy!!!

"Mommy... make the thosai from scratch too!"
mmmm... I'll just go buy the normal thosai ready packet.


Cooked Thai Fried Bee Hoon with Pad Thai paste. Nice, but I still need to add some salt, chicken stock, a few drops of lemon juice to give it a kick!

There we go..... "Mommy, I give you 2 thumbs up!!!"

Last but not least.... for dessert it was Vanilla ice-cream sprinkle with Milo. It's so delicious and I'm out of bananas!

Okay.... I'm out of here!

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Year Of The Snake, 2013

Almost a year and posted nothing..... till now.

Lazy and unproductive.... making excuses for self not to blog here. Anyway, must try to blog as much as I can from now onwards! heheheee....
First thing first... how about some recipes?

Banana Kaya Cake

1 1/2 cup of self raising flour
1/2 tsp of baking powder
2 bananas - mash
1/2 cup sugar
1/2 cup kaya
1/2 cup oil or butter
2 pinches of cinnamon powder
3-4 eggs

Bake at 150deg C for 1hr 10mins. Or an extra 10 mins...

What is Kaya?
Kaya is coconut jam.

3 hours later.... finished!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

My unproductive day...

I must seriously blog... When I 1st started it, told myself to do it. At least every other day and eventually, everyday!
It doesn't seem to be happening. I really need to sort out my time and laziness....

But I do read other people's blog and its very entertaining and informative. I do have lots to write and show. Pictures to upload.... Somehow there's *brain block! Come on.... you can do it!

Tonight's dinner is stir fry veges and chicken teryaki grill... I want to do one more. Fish ball curry.